The cost of school uniform and supplies can quickly add up, especially if you have more than one child. Thankfully however there are many things we can do to help your child’s uniform last longer. We share our nine top tips here.
After six weeks of glorious summer days outside of school, usually the last thing that kids want to do is start preparing for their return to the classroom. They want to make the most of those last few precious days off, not be dragged around by mum or dad, being told to try on various school uniform items. Online shopping is not only more convenient for parents and carers, but children too! 
Its not easy to keep school uniform looking fresh all year. The day-in day-out wear of uniform makes it subject to general wear and tear. However, school uniform that is well looked after and good quality should be able to survive the duration of the school year. To help parents and carers save on buying school uniform mid-year, we decided to share some helpful tips on making uniform last.
Kids are out of school, parents are working from home, and everyone has been instructed to stay inside and much as possible. On paper, this sounds like a recipe for disaster: cranky kids and stressed-out parents aren’t usually a good mix. However, all hope is not lost. In fact, there are many things that we can do to alleviate those feelings of tension and uneasiness which are prevalent for most families at this time and we look at 8 here.
After six, hectic (to say the least) months, the kids are finally back at school! And to make their first week back a little more smooth sailing, and even a little bit exciting, we have gathered five helpful tips:
School sports days are a great way to help children become more confident in their abilities, discover new interests and get outside and get moving! Below we have put together our top sports day tips that will help you and your little ones to really enjoy the event.
Should we be allowed to take our children out of school during term time?
We have put together our top tips for helping school students to feel comfortable in their uniform, without flagging concerns with teachers.
Most secondary and primary schools have now made school uniform compulsary, and each school holds it's own set of rules and regulations regarding uniform. sometimes school unifrom and the arguments surrounding it become so much of an issue the focus begins to drift from what is really important: education. 
Spring is fast approaching and of course summer is to follow, which means less of the gloves and scarves and more short sleeved shirts and shorts. When warmer weather comes around often school is the last place our kids want to spend their time, but if kids feel comfortable and confidant in what they’re wearing they are more likely to remain focused and happy whilst at school, even in hot weather.
Primary School
If you have chosen a nursery that requires your child to wear a nursery uniform here is our guide to starting them off right.
We all know the key to having a smooth running school morning is preparation, but this is usually easier said than done. Evenings are easily taken up with sorting out dinner, homework help and packing lunches and it can be hard to get everything prepared on schedule, however with a few tricks mornings can be less hectic./Girls-School-Cardigans/
Adolescents become more image and style conscious as they grow older, and the pressure of trying to fit in with peers while abiding to the schools specific dress code rules and regulations can be difficult. It can also be hard to express individuality while wearing a uniform, however with a few school uniform tips and tricks school students can begin to feel comfortable in their own skin without bending the rules.
The transition from autumn to winter school uniform need not be expensive. Long gone are the days when you’d be sent to school in a jumper with enough room for two, or a fleece with sleeves long enough to fashion a skipping rope for the playground, to last through growth spurts and multiple winters.
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