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Zeco Schoolwear - Zeco School Shorts

School uniform 247 are proud suppliers of Zeco schoolwear. The Zeco school shorts range offers high quality, comfortable options for school children of all ages. In the range you will find shorts in a variety of styles and colours including elastic waist shorts, sturdy fit shorts and more.
elasticated waist school shorts front grey
Ages 2-8 yrs. Elastic back pull-up shorts, side pockets & mock fly. Tailored waistband. Available in 2 Colours.
From: £8.50
boys grey sturdy fit school shorts front
Ages 4-16 yrs. Plus Size Elastic Back Shorts. Tailored waistband with belt loops. Generous Sizing. Available in 2 Colours.
From: £9.50
cargo style school shorts (3-13 yrs)
Ages 3-16 yrs. Long Leg Shorts with elastic back and Side Cargo Pockets. Tailored waistband. Available in 2 Colours.
From: £10.99
standard fit school shorts (3-13 yrs)
Ages 2-13 yrs. Flat front long shorts with half elastic waist and tailored waistband. Available in 4 Colours.
From: £8.99