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Zeco Schoolwear - Zeco School Skirts

Here you’ll find premium quality Zeco school skirts in a range of fashionable and formal styles. The Senior Zeco schoolwear range offers both quality and comfort in sizes 10 years to 18.
lycra school skirt
Plain Lycra Pencil Skirt with jet pocket. Just above knee length. Zip fastening at back. Available in 2 Colours.
From: £14.99
bengaline stretch school skirt
Ages 9 yrs and above. Bengaline Stretch Skirt with side slits. Popular Straight skirt. Available in 3 Colours.
From: £9.99
stitched down box pleat skirt (waist 24-38)
Waist Sizes 24-38''. Traditional Premium Box Pleat Skirt with Waist Adjuster. Longer Length. Available in 3 Colours.
From: £24.99
box pleat school skirt (2-20 yrs)
Ages 2-20 yrs. All round box pleat skirt with full elastic waist. Superior fabric/ premium quality. Available in 7 Colours.
From: £6.99
kilt school skirt (3-16 yrs)
Ages 3-16 yrs. Wrap-over skirt with knife pleat back and detachable pin. Premium fabric. Available in 2 Colours.
From: £16.99
plain knee length skirt
Age 7 years onwards. Premium Plain Skirt with Kick Pleat at the back. Best Seller! Available in 6 Colours.
From: £13.99
lycra pleated school skirt
Mid Length Stitched Down Pleated Lycra Skirt. Zip fastening at back. Free Scrunchie. Available in 3 Colours.
From: £15.99
new stitched down box pleat school skirt
Broad Pleats Stitched Down Box Pleat Skirt. 2 Side Pockets with Zips. Premium fabric. Available in 3 Colours.
From: £17.50
p.e. school skirt (waist 22-38)
Waist Sizes 22-38''. Knife Pleat P.E. Skirt with Plain Front Panel and adjustable slider. Quality product. Available in 9 Colours.
From: £10.99
knife pleat school skirt
Ages 3-17 years. Great quality skirt. All round pleats and elastic. Available in 7 Colours (Special Orders). Limited Stock.
From: £10.99
pleated bengaline school skirt
**** REDUCED BY 50% ****. Mid Length Stitched Down Pleat Skirt with Plain Front Panel. Stretch fabric.
From: £7.50