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PE & Swimwear

FRANT Embroidered Crew Neck P.E. Sweatshirt

Royal Blue Sweatshirt with Frant School Logo. Part of the School Uniform P.E. Kit.
From: 10.99
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FRANT SCHOOL Jogging Bottom

Jogging Bottom with Drawstring Waist and 2 Side Pockets. Part of the P.E. Kit.
From: 9.50
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FRANT SCHOOL Embroidered White Polo T-Shirt

Premium Quality White Polo T-Shirt with Frant Logo. Part of School Uniform P.E. Kit.
From: 7.50
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Frant School Navy P.E. Shorts with all round elastic. Ages 2-13 yrs.
From: 6.25
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FRANT SCHOOL Blue Baseball (Summer) Cap

Unisex blue summer cap with Frant Logo. Ideal protection from the sun. Adjustable size.
From: 5.99

School Gusset Plimsolls (Superior Quality)

Age 3 yrs onwards. Elasticated front, easy slip-on Black Plimsolls. Premium PE Plimsolls (Sizes: kids 6 to Adult 8).
From: 6.50
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Elastane Swimming Shorts (Superior Quality)

Age 4 yrs onwards. Boys School Elastane Swimming Shorts. Available in Navy & Black Colours. Zeco Product.
From: 11.99
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Elastane Swimming Costume (Superior Quality)

Age 4 yrs onwards. Girls Elastane Swimming Costume in Plain School Colours. Available in Navy & Black.
From: 14.99
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Elastane Swimming Trunks (Superior Quality)

Age 4 yrs onwards. Boys School Elastane Swimming Trunks. Available in Navy & Black Colours. Zeco Product. Limited Stock available.
From: 7.99
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Speedo Swimming Goggles

Childrens Speedo Swimming goggles for boys & girls. Junior & Senior sizes. Ideal for School or Club. Various colours.
From: 9.95
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Childrens Speedo Silicone Swimming Cap

Speedo Silicone Swimming Cap for School or Club. Available in Red, Navy, Royal, Black, White, Pink & Silver.
From: 9.95
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Speedo Latex Swimming Hat

**REDUCED** Speedo Latex Swimming Hat. Limited Stock. Available in Navy, Green & Red colours only.
From: 4.99 Reduced 7.99
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Premium P.E. Bags - Printed

Premium Printed P.E. Bag with drawstrings and name card on reverse. Available in 14 Colours.
From: 4.50
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Sports/P.E. Socks (pack of 5)

Pack of 5. Ages 3 yrs onwards. Plain Cotton Rich Sport/P.E. Socks. Great Quality Socks. Available in 2 Colours.
From: 8.50
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School Water Bottle

500 ml school water bottles for kids. Fitted grip for easy handling. Ideal for school or sports. BPA free - safer for drinking.
From: 2.99
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