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knee high socks (pack of 3)
Pack of 3. Age 3 yrs onwards. Cotton Rich Knee High Premium School Socks. Zeco Product. Available in 7 Colours.
From: £6.99
smooth knit socks (pack of 5)
Pack of 5. Age 3 yrs onwards. Smooth Knit Cotton Rich Premium Ankle School Socks. Available in 5 Colours.
From: £5.99
girls cotton school tights (2-16 yrs)
Ages 2-16 yrs. Girls Cotton Rich Soft Lycra School Tights. Zeco Product. Colours: Black, Grey, Navy, Royal, White, Bottle, Maroon, Red & Brown.
From: £3.75
ponio bag
Ponio Bag - mixture of hair bands in a contained bag. Ideal for School. Available in 9 Colours.
From: £2.99
alice band set
Alice Band Set - variety of Hair Accessories in one pack (same colour). Ideal for School. Available in 7 Colours.
From: £2.99
black magic gloves
Black Magic Thermal Gloves in childrens & youth sizes. Stretch fabric to fit ages 4-16 yrs. Winter School Uniform.
From: £1.99
frant school elastic tie
Ties on Elastic. Ideal for Infant School.
From: £3.40
frant school elastic tie
Long Ties. Ideal for Junior School.
From: £3.99
frant school junior backpack.
The practical junior size navy school bag with Frant Logo. Available for Class 4 (Oaks) students.
From: £10.99
frant school baseball (summer) cap
Unisex blue summer cap with Frant Logo. Ideal protection from the sun.
From: £5.10
frant school book bag
Practical all-round navy school book bag with Frant Logo. Essential kit for early years.
From: £8.95